Makeup Using ONLY My Opposite Hand Challenge! *disaster*
HI SISTERS! In today's video, I did my full face of makeup using ONLY my non-dominant hand. To make it even harder, my team locked my good hand behind my back too... this was one of the worst makeup challenges I've ever filmed so I hope you enjoy watching me struggle!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • Awesome Ness
    Awesome Ness

    This whole video gives me prisoner and an evil warden vibes

  • James & Rikki Hetzler
    James & Rikki Hetzler

    Do you know that you actually made a LV-home video on my birthday well at least posted it

  • Nagy Gréta
    Nagy Gréta

    i honestly think this is one of his funniest videos...

  • Megan Morgan
    Megan Morgan

    I've been here for 5 years 🎨🖌️

  • Miriam Delgado
    Miriam Delgado

    i mean you still need your left arm you neeed it for caring thing driving picking up things from the floor to tipe i mean i am left handed sooooooooooooo yaaaaa but both arms are strong

  • Linda Peprna
    Linda Peprna

    like im jealous because you have such an amazing friends

  • Miriam Mattson
    Miriam Mattson

    ok this is my new favorite one of james' videos lol

  • I Love Anime
    I Love Anime

    I hate the orange lip so much

  • Dakota Barlow
    Dakota Barlow

    This is easily one of the funniest videos he has posted this year

  • Bella Gregory
    Bella Gregory


  • riona

    smh james i used to love you

  • · Blossom ·
    · Blossom ·

    I love how the carboard James is ripped in half in the backround

  • Dua Ali
    Dua Ali

    this video is so chaotic *i love it*

  • Cordelia Tuckeroid
    Cordelia Tuckeroid

    Me: is ambidextrous Also me:doesn't use makeup

  • Tytiana Lesure
    Tytiana Lesure

    8:51 tell me that was not soooooooo good like omg 100/10

  • Shana Brett
    Shana Brett

    He did better than what I could do with my dominant hand-

  • Austyn Patterson
    Austyn Patterson

    It actually looks good

  • Izzy Dinchak
    Izzy Dinchak

    I could see Larray coming in this video and being like: 🙄🤯🤬🤣

  • Yong Cheng
    Yong Cheng

    When you can’t ( talk) swear but you got your good old trusty hand to swear! 😁 4:43

  • Khadija Alnaqbi
    Khadija Alnaqbi

    James their is something weird about you it is because u are not wearing the sisters apparel merch

  • Ja Iql
    Ja Iql

    James Iove yuo 😘

  • Charlie Martoglio
    Charlie Martoglio

    Bruh the right hand joke at the beginning 😳😳😳😳

  • Rebecca Jane
    Rebecca Jane

    james: *moves/uses right hand* everyone: *freaking out* louis: *taping his arm to his back* trevor: *filming the entire thing* edit: sorry if anyone has taken it🤍

  • Gigi Baby Life
    Gigi Baby Life

    I'm surprised your not a singer

  • Praise Isaiah
    Praise Isaiah

    James: I kinda forgot concealer Me: he diiidddd

  • Hi Dummy
    Hi Dummy


  • • RandomRainbow •
    • RandomRainbow •

    I don’t know how I just thought of this but James should sing the national anthem for the super bowl one year

    • cloudy_safari.roblox


  • C youtube
    C youtube

    His reaction when he hit the whistle notes im dying

  • Angie R
    Angie R

    What I would do to meet james

  • 블링크

    You are reading this comment

  • Millie Saville
    Millie Saville

    Ha "it kinda looks you hands when you dance on tiktok"

  • V J
    V J

    litteraly me, when I saw that Headless cardboard jAmEs in the corner: * s h o o k * 4:19

  • Simply Lexi
    Simply Lexi

    Video ideas! Blind folded makeup challenge. Have someone with NO experience do your make up. Get kids makeup and make a makeup look with it. Have a dog choose your products. Hope you see this!!

    • Simply Lexi
      Simply Lexi

      @starlight oh oop sowwy

    • starlight

      He’s done half of those already

  • Gabby 211
    Gabby 211

    Trump 2021

  • Mack Attack
    Mack Attack

    James yes people who can use both hands are born that way. Well I am at least like if you are right hand and comment left. Like and comment chicken if u can use both

  • Olivia Ewing
    Olivia Ewing

    8:35 James and the team singing "the song" together

  • Payton Welsh
    Payton Welsh

    the lips are blinding i canaaannnnttt seeeeeee

  • Daisy Hughes
    Daisy Hughes

    What setting spray was that😅

  • Borgata

    the only lefty here 🖐🏼

  • AbsoLute Yt
    AbsoLute Yt

    *I've been here since 2016

  • Moonlight _285
    Moonlight _285

    James: everyone is going to ask what happened to James Me: What happened to James 😂

    • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔクロエ


  • Melinda Popovich
    Melinda Popovich

    i love you james!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Macailah Carsten
    Macailah Carsten

    Can you make a beginner look please

  • Claudia Lopez
    Claudia Lopez


  • Addy_mae RP
    Addy_mae RP

    HUNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY u- um yea you need a lil help-

  • jose Perez
    jose Perez

    Your the best and Pretty

  • Aubrielle Caeley Aguila
    Aubrielle Caeley Aguila

    I wanna add: I freaking lobe the editing!!! Honestly i read the subtitles from the bts coz i loveeee the emojis and the way it was spelled and had like an effect.

  • Aiko Suki
    Aiko Suki

    Hey pudgy can I get a OWA OWA

  • Aubrielle Caeley Aguila
    Aubrielle Caeley Aguila

    This is not my first time here. And also not my first time in this day.

  • Saba Park
    Saba Park

    7:10 omg i lost here LMAOOO definitely one of your funniest videos.

  • Tumse Matlab?
    Tumse Matlab?


  • Avryl Gattenhof
    Avryl Gattenhof

    Do you sing your own intro?

  • marilyn Turner
    marilyn Turner

    I gotta tell

  • Grace Bussema
    Grace Bussema

    Ok, it’s better than I would’ve done. 😅 I suck at doing my makeup so if I did this challenge I’d poke my eyes out ☠️😂

  • kim

    Well first of all yw

  • _Marysia_

    Woah woah wooooaaaaahhhh!!! Yeah yeah yeeeaaaahhhh!!!!

  • Lathi Nkosi
    Lathi Nkosi

    We. Iove. You

  • Sarn Nadin
    Sarn Nadin

    you know your an og if you've seen all the videos he put in the intro

  • Rene Sparks
    Rene Sparks

    Unbelievable it's been five years. congratulations, very proud of you sister.👍😁❤️

  • Team Carta
    Team Carta

    I can't even do make-up with both my hands 😳


    Im Left Handed But Idk they say if your dominated hand your a witch.. *LOL*

  • Jasmin Steinkraus
    Jasmin Steinkraus

    Even if he just uses one hand he is better than me with two hands🥲😂❤

  • Niyathi Singh
    Niyathi Singh

    gosh u did good!!!!!

  • Kim Frasdilla
    Kim Frasdilla

    4:42 thank me later

  • Arturo Reyes
    Arturo Reyes

    Like omg how can he make fun of people who only have one arm James lol jk love

  • Sienna Wrightson
    Sienna Wrightson

    I also have liked this video because It was soooo Great and Amazing Too Watch and experience with you james even though you did struggle but I know That I would struggle too because Im left handed and I find It personaly hard too use my right hand for any thing exept maybe basketball and nit even that I can Handle soooo Congrats Well done good Great Amazing Job James Chales.

  • Josephine Haverty-Stacke
    Josephine Haverty-Stacke

    i am left handed 😢

  • Puppy Uniform
    Puppy Uniform

    Cause I said it. Exactly what a murder or robber would say.

  • Lps studios
    Lps studios

    James I thought u did good I am HORRIBLE at makeup

  • •Painted Sunflower•
    •Painted Sunflower•

    10:30 IM DIYING

  • Liliana Sewell
    Liliana Sewell

    ✨PrEAcH aTHoNy PrEAcH✨ i swear i watched 10:59 - 11:03 a good 50 times.

  • Noor Ali
    Noor Ali

    James can put on make up with his left hand better than I can do it with my right hand!

  • that one army who no one cares about
    that one army who no one cares about

    this is my fave video on the internet

  • Amelia McClure
    Amelia McClure

    I think I've figured out why you can't find your perfect shade. Your skin is more red than orange (not in a rude way sister) but most foundation shades are more orange than red. Not pink, but red. Hope I could help sister

  • gabby alonzo
    gabby alonzo

    Omgg I had to get my ear cut off the little part wear the ring is and it got stuck all the way in my ear and I was 6 😙

  • gabby alonzo
    gabby alonzo

    Omg James

  • Caitlin Good
    Caitlin Good

    11:29 I love when they just cut the scene. Like we have things to do😂😂

  • Sophia Corcoran
    Sophia Corcoran

    Do you guys think James Charles does his intro and then sings his the song but keeps recording and then just goes on with the video. I don’t know why I always think this. LOL

  • aesthetic fp
    aesthetic fp

    8:53 I don’t think ur neighbors like u :o

  • Mehnoor Bhatti
    Mehnoor Bhatti


  • Katrina Uwega
    Katrina Uwega

    4:16 demnnnn he rlly said "don't be shy ,, put some more" 😭😭

  • Izy Frost
    Izy Frost

    Hi James, I hope you are doing great. I would just like to ask you do you ever get bored of doing mke-up? Thank You Love one of your fans. P.S. Thank you for always being so amazing for us all.❤

  • Elyssa Acosta
    Elyssa Acosta

    Am I the only person who does the right side of my face with my right hand and the left side with my left hand

  • Eti Cohen
    Eti Cohen

    This is my new comfort video

  • Madalynn Quisenberry
    Madalynn Quisenberry


  • Madalynn Quisenberry
    Madalynn Quisenberry

    I love the little peep we had at James’ mannequins wearing his merch.

  • Emily Flowers
    Emily Flowers

    James is gone lol

  • Taresa Curtis
    Taresa Curtis

    I DID NOT think james even had muscle

  • ThE RoBlOx MuNcHiEs
    ThE RoBlOx MuNcHiEs

    I’m ambidextrous JAMES

  • Alanna Martinez
    Alanna Martinez

    10:56 i love him so much this video is so great bc his team/roommates are hilarious

  • Auri M.
    Auri M.

    James Charles: Omg this makeup look sucks with my non-dominant hand, sEnD hElP *still looks bomb anyway* Me: *literally can't even do my makeup that well with my dominant hand* I- sir, would you like to live a day in my shoes-

  • Pe'Airah Brown
    Pe'Airah Brown

    Ohhhhhhhh eeeeeeeeee ohhhhhhhhhhh

  • Natalie Pelkowski
    Natalie Pelkowski

    my cat's name is mocha

  • Benjamin Batchelor
    Benjamin Batchelor

    ngl, 7:11 - 7:19 was a hot/cure moment for me, James looks 🔥🔥🔥 annoyed/frustrated, especially as he always smiles, weirdly enough it's nice to see, cos of the contrast

  • Maaike Knol
    Maaike Knol

    Looked good untill the lips😂


    is james a lil tipsy?

  • The Pink Max sisters
    The Pink Max sisters

    James I think you should do video games makeup

  • JIbutterflies

    -james, being left handed is hard -me-i am left handed😂

  • Vida Zariab
    Vida Zariab

    Only the left handed people can like this ⬇️

  • Mumbi Kinyanjui
    Mumbi Kinyanjui

    0:06.... welcome James😆💞